Three mini-experiments in Notch, a software used in concerts for unique real-time motion visuals
System 01: Loop
In my first system, I quickly learned how to bite off more than I could chew, as a beginner. I wanted to create a looping motion visual that was 3D modeled, contained animated materials, as well as a later planned, video glitch driving to the music. As time compiled on this individual system, I decided to postpone it for a later date when I had better knowledge of how to build and control animated materials inside of Notch.
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System 02: Live
In my second system, I wanted to play around with video feeds, and stylizing footage using the node editor. I was really interested in creating a halftone effect that was reminiscent of a large LED volume, built for arenas.
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System 03: Sound
In my final system, I played with sound driving an animation and routed audio into Notch. I used sound waveforms to display an artistic take on suffocation. Similar to the interlude sourced on my mood board, I was drawn to the aesthetic of the walls caving in, and I picked an audio that had contrasting peaks and valleys of jazz and heavy metal.
(click to enlarge images) - Sound/Headphone Warning

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