Complete branding package and identity from logo design to motion
This project was also a nominee in the "Social Media Design" category at SCAD's 2022 Commotion.
The client was attracted to a logo that could be universally used. They expressed their attraction towards "simple fabulous logos with intersecting letters". The initial inspiration images sent, concentrated on a simple but iconic monogram. Not only were these images crucial to the branding direction that we would be heading in, but helped me learn more about the client and their interest in luxury brands and the feeling they evoked.

The client later expressed the importance of beauty and elegance in their own brand and emphasized the feeling that the inspiration images captured. The "Louis Vuitton" image in the top left became the catalyst for the majority of the creative direction, and a crucial touchstone in her brand development.
After taking the inspiration images into consideration and continuing my research into luxury branding, I went into Illustrator to begin mocking up various ideas with different serif and script typefaces that encapsulated luxury.

There were multiple designs sent back and forth, and these are just a touchstone on some of the designs pitched to the client during the first design round. After hearing what the client had to say, we decided to fully abandon the script typeface and revise with the first serif typeface.

She connected with the top row in specific and we began working on round two, evolving the mark into something that recognizably displayed both the "T" and the "S" initials in her name. From there she picked her top two designs, and we entered the third design round where we began to explore patterns and a larger sense of the overall brand in consideration to her developing logo mark.
After the initial pass of the pattern was sent to the client, she picked her favorite logo and we began to push forward with the pattern design.
Each symbol was carefully considered to maintain the elegance and beauty that represented the client's persona.
The heart is inspired by the tattoo found on the client's thumb. (Seen in images of her applying makeup on her clients.)
The lipstick kiss is one of the ways the client signs their paintings.
The "T" is sampled from the client's handwriting.
The "XoXo" is another way the client signs their paintings.
The pattern's purpose is meant to be used universally and across all branding. It has since appeared in the background of multiple motion components, the client's youtube channel, as well as their website and other promotional material used to market themselves.
When it came time for motion tests, a lot of the motion was straight forward and easily realized. Below are a few clips sent to the client as progress updates for the channel intro and end cards.
Elements from the video animation and texture were sampled directly from the client's handwriting to give the illusion that the client was signing the end of every video – calling back upon their artistry, similar to when an artist would sign or stamp their paintings.
To wrap up the entire creative process, here is the third variant of the intro & end card created for the client.

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