A customizable promotion toolkit built for Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing
This work was created at and owned by BGSTR
Role: Animator (All title cards, lower thirds, character IDs, buttons, bugs, and the 1x1/9x16 endpage)
Program: After Effects
I was handed a set of Design Boards (PSD) and a script to create title cards, lower thirds, and alternate end page text for.
I brought the PSDs into After Effects and began isolating and regrouping layers for animation. Since this was a promo toolkit, there was emphasis on working in a concise file and folder structure and making sure to reduce the footprint of design files into something collectable for various editors to adjust and modify.
At the end of the project there were nearly 150 individual modifiable and deliverable files!
To the left, you will see some of the folder structuring to keep things organized and easily editable. This saved a lot of time as the project received revisions and feedback from the client. Another time saver utilized in this project were some simple expressions, that allowed cross-compositional edits to title cards and "toptags". An example of this can be seen below.

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