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I’m on the mission to digitize and animate the unboxing of all the records I come across. In my real life, music is the driver and I am the passenger, so I’ve accumulated quite the amount of records, back in 2018, I started to photograph the packaging of records and share them to the once small community of collectors who did the same.
Since then, the community has grown in size due to the resurgence of physical recording packages since 2021. Early on in my account, I adapted my motion skills into creating an ever-growing after effects template that is built to animate nearly every style of packaging collectors come across.
A few of my previous posts
Mock Title Sequence​​​​​​​
Take a peek into the world of a collector by watching this mock-umentary about the creation of recording packages in the 21st century. Using my personal record collection back at home, I spread out my most colorful possessions and experimented with motion tracking. Maybe one day a documentary like this could exist but sadly, today is not that day.
Music by: Sunny Days - Anno Domini Beats (courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library)
Filmed with Canon 7D, Composited in After Effects.
Process Book
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