A promo created for the "Labor Day Weekend" Heavyweight Showdown 
This work was created at and owned by BGSTR
Role: Animator (All title cards and Character ID’s)
Program: After Effects
I was handed three sets of Design Boards (PSD) and updated the copy to match the details of the fight.
After the client picked their chosen design, I brought the PSDs into After Effects and began isolating and regrouping layers for animation. With this specific promo, Mastering the glitch technique in a polished way was one of the details most crucial to this project. We wanted to hand the client motion elevated beyond something that “could easily be made from base level After Effects.”
In creating the Title Cards, the core direction was to make the text “punchy” and glitch in but resolve the effect and textures to make the text legible. Inverted strobing was added for visual interest to tie in a more premium transition.
Creating the Character IDs, I had to isolate the boxers from the footage and photos and place them on Alpha. Masked in photoshop (and then brought into After Effects to rig with additional movement through puppeting) and After Effects (Slowed down with Twixtor and masked using Rotobrush).

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