Series graphics for a show about the world's most enigmatic unsolved mysteries
This work was created at and owned by BGSTR
I was the primary artist at BGSTR handling the majority of graphics delivered during this project. My work consisting of 2D + 3D Design and Animation as well as some Green Screen / VFX comping. (Additional design / animation support from the majority of the BGSTR team.)
Program: After Effects (+ Red Giant), Cinema 4D (+ Redshift), Photoshop, Illustrator, & Premiere

The following content will reflect upon my involvement with the series. To witness the entire team's efforts, please watch History's Greatest Mysteries on the History Channel.
The workflow for this project was boiled down into four distinct categories;
Graphics used to help the audience contextualize the setting of each episode
Theory Cards​​​​​​​
Chapter markers for each theory introduced to the audience.
Explainer graphics that were used to illustrate an idea or theory being explained.
Green Screen Comping
Transporting our host from a world of green, into the eerie corridors where our storyteller lives.

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